Product News – Custom parts for your Stealth ski

Your Stealth ski is a pretty sorted fishing platform right out of the crate, but we all fish in different ways, different locations and the tackle rat is stronger in some than others!

We’ve teamed up with some local manufacturers to design and produce a few pieces of kit that will help turn your ski from a weapon to a WMD in no time. Most people don’t have the luxury of keeping two or three kayaks to cover all of the types of fishing they want to do, so ultimately their kayak has to serve a few purposes. We’ve come up with a few products for those that need to use their skis across a few different fishing environments.

Battery Box Upgrade

If you want to run a 5″ sounder or find that your GPS combo is chewing up your battery juice, we have you covered! Upgrade your standard battery box to one of these units and have the option of running a 4ah, 7ah or 9ah battery, while still keeping it tucked into the fish hatch wall and out of the way. You can also slot in a lifpo4 battery and up your a

These battery boxes install into the fish hatch wall directly under the seat on your ski allowing you to tuck tackle boxes, gaffs, or even your catch under your seat without snagging up on the battery or cables. These oversize boxes are also secured in place with a backing plate to prevent damage to the wall of your fish hatch and also feature a handy cable clamp on the reverse to help protect your cables from pulling in the event of a nasty roll in the breakers.


  • Lightweight thermo-formed ABS construction.
  • Custom backing plate with locating tabs for easy install.
  • Cable clamp to secure your wiring in the surf.
  • Quick release shock cord & hook battery securing system.
  • Cutting template to help you get a perfect fit.


Anchor Trolley

A well set-up anchor trolley is a handy piece of kit allowing you to safely and easily set and retrieve anchors especially in high flow areas. A good anchor trolley has multiple uses and can be used to connect any of the following to your ski:

  • Anchor
  • Drogue
  • Live bait tube
  • Stake-out pole

With this in mind, we have designed an aftermarket anchor trolley kit that can be installed on all Stealth fishing skis that have the standard cloth handles. It utilises existing mounting points avoiding the need to drill holes in your ski. There are two versions of the kit depending on whether your front handle runs horizontally across the ski or vertically along the nose. Please select the kit to match your ski handle type.

The kit includes:

  • Ronstan RF20184 stainless, ball bearing blocks (x 2)
  • Bow mounting plate
  • Stern mounting plate
  • Bungee retainer button
  • Marine grade 316 pan head self-tapping screw
  • P-clips (x 3)
  • 15m of 4mm poly cord (black)
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless countersunk mounting bolts (x2)
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless dome mounting nuts (x 2)
  • Anchor ring
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless countersunk self-tapping screws (x 4)

A step by step installation video is available on our website if required.

Anchor Cleat

We have also designed a bracket for a zig-zag cleat that attaches to one the rod holders on your ski without the need to drill any new holes. The cleat attaches to the bracket using pre-drilled and tapped holes with no protrusion behind the bracket. Once fitted these cleats can be used for cleating off your anchor, cleating your anchor trolley line or for attaching a burley bucket or live bait tube as required.

The Kit includes:

  • nylon zig-zag cleat
  • aluminium mounting bracket
  • 2 x 316 grade cleat attachment bolts
  • 2 x 316 grade extra long self tapper screws



External Transducer Mount

We have created a new external transducer mount for the Stealth range of fishing skis to address a number of issues we hear from customers;

  • Total-scan transducers can’t shoot thru-hull.
  • Inaccurate water temperatures.
  • Poor image due to air gaps under the transducer.
  • Hassles removing epoxy or marine adhesive mounted transducers when upgrading sounders or selling your ski.

We have created a series of droppers compatible with Garmin, Lowrance and Humminbird transducers. These attach to a deck mounted pivot allowing you to fold up the transducer on the rear deck for transport or for sessions playing in the surf.

There are two types of pivot available; the standard unit or the combo which incorporates a rear bracket for our anchor trolley system. The pivots have the same hole spacing as a toestrap plate allowing it to be mounted under the rear handle without the need to drill any holes.



Epirb Bracket

For those venturing offshore down here in Vic as well as some of the other states, carrying an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is a mandatory requirement when fishing more than 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) offshore. These need to be easily accessible to be useful as the last thing you will want to do when things get hairy on the water is to open a hatch to go and look for it. With this in mind, we’ve developed these handy attachment plates to fit your EPIRB on the rear deck of your Stealth, within reach but still out of the way for a day’s fishing.

Constructed from lightweight aluminium and pre-drilled for the fitment of both GME and KTI branded EPIRB models, these attachment brackets can be installed at the front of the cargo recess on the rear deck using the existing mounting points for the two shock cord keepers. It is simply a matter of un-doing the shock cord clamp, inserting the bracket underneath and re- attaching the clamps using the extra long self tapping screws provided.



Front Rod Holder Brackets

Sea Sherpa are now producing some universal front rod holder brackets for Stealth skis. These brackets can be fitted to your ski on the side wall of the fish hatch without impeding the forward and backward operation of your foot pedals.

The brackets are made as a universal fit so the same bracket can be used on any of the models. We have even made a universal hole pattern on the top plate of the bracket with holes pre-drilled for RAM round bases, RAM rectangular bases and round Railblaza starports. This allows you to to fit the range of ram rod mounts or Railblaza fittings up front for bait fishing on the bays when it is too rough out the front to chase pelagics.

A front rod holder can be pretty handy when chasing pelagics too, giving you somewhere close to hand to stash your rod when you go for the gaff shot, or simply a handy spot for your sabiki rod.

On my skis, I use these brackets to mount Berkley Quicksets on RAM extenders. This setup allows me to run two bait rods easily directing both lines away from each other while maintaining the ability to open the fish hatch when required. The use of Quicksets also means I can insert and remove my rods by holding just the end of the butt, allowing me to mount rod holders further forward out of my paddle stroke.

The other handy feature is that rod holders can be easily removed and stored in the fish hatch leaving only the bracket and mount behind. This leaves a nice clear deck for surf zones or for transport.




For more information, or to blow your tax return and get your hands on any of the gear, hit up our website.

Tight lines!

Sea Sherpa

The Toura is here & new offshore gear!



Toura 17

The long awaited Toura 17 has finally hit Australian shores after some testing and tweaking back at the factory. These kayaks boast plenty of storage both front and rear with the new Stealth twist and seal hatch on the front deck and a large entrance oval hatch on the rear deck is ideal for stuffing in dry bags! The finished unit features a flip-up style trailing rudder making landing and launching a breeze and the added ability to lift rudder will improving the turning circle for upwind turns on a sweep stroke. These kayaks are lightweight- tipping the scales at only 23kgs and also encourage a comfortable paddling position with the seat set higher than the foot wells. Get in touch if you would like to organise a test paddle! Full info and picture gallery here.

New offshore must-haves!


Live-bait mate

For those that don’t like having the added drag of a live bait tube running behind their ski, Stealth have developed a new live bait well to fit inside the fish hatch. It sits snugly on the lip of the fish hatch while still allowing the hatch lid to close normally.

Made from heavy duty PVC and fibreglass components this neat little invention is easily collapsible and can be folded up and put away without taking up too much space for the trip back to the beach, simply tip out the water and go!


The design takes into account the space needed for a live bait to be able to swim around and the ability to be able to add “fresh” water to it without flooding into the hatch.The mesh top allows easy water changes and the splash strip diverts water into the foot wells where the self drainers will work to get rid of the overflow.If you want to keep the weight down and prefer a smaller volume of water the Live Bait Mate has a pouch where you can slip in a aerator pump and then aerate the water to keep your bait in good condition. The Bait mate units retail for $99 (Add $10 if you want an aerator included)


Stealth Fiberglass Gaffs


Every offshore fisho needs a gaff whether it is to direct the choppers of a nice Spanish Mackerel into the fish hatch or just to help you secure that kingy, they are certainly a handy piece of kit to have. A good gaff is easy to operate one handed and the right length for use on a fishing ski. Stealth have stuck this balance well with these lightweight strong units fashioned from a sturdy fiberglass blank with EVA grips. The standard unit is 90cm long while those that prefer a longer gaff can grab one of the 120cm models.

Prices for these units are $55 for the standard unit and $60 for the extra long version.

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Sea Sherpa

Two new touring kayaks from Stealth

Exciting times ahead with two new touring models about to be released from the Stealth factory in Pinetown. The new 17ft Toura is  already being tested and there is a 15ft version in the pipeline. These kayaks boast plenty of storage both front and rear with he new Stealth twist and seal hatch on the front deck and a large entrance oval hatch on the rear deck. Camping friendly storage  and the option of a skeg or flip-up style trailing rudder ticks a lot of boxes for those chasing an ocean ready tourer. These kayaks are lightweight and also encourage a comfortable paddling position with the seat set higher than the footwells to improve drainage via the venturi cuppers, and in the absence of the fish hatch, you can enjoy feet-together stance like an Ocean Racing Ski (ORS) to help improve your rotation when paddling. There will definitely be some of these on the way to Melbourne as soon as they are ready, I’m itching to get one out for a run at Cape Woolamai!

Here’s the teaser video from the factory floor with more information -enjoy!

Sea Sherpa

Stealth Factory Update

The Stealth crew over in South Africa have been hard at it of late and have two great new product offerings to make life a little easier on the water.

Hinged Rear Hatch Cover

First cab off the rank is the new hinged hatch lid for improved access to the rear dry hatch. The new folding hatch lid is an 8 inch inspection hatch with a lid that can be opened and closed by folding on a hinge system.The front of the lid is closed by a small twist latch. This new lid design avoids the sticking of the screw  type lid on hot days and provides a great seal for the rear hatch.


This hatch lid can easily be added to any existing stealth kayak with only a small amount of work. Being an 8 inch lid, the size is slightly bigger than the older screw type. The original cut can easily be enlarged with a dremel to fit the upgrade lid. When fitting the lid, the latch can be offset to the right or left to make opening easier for right or left handed paddlers.

Price $79.99


 Line Protectors for Under-stern Rudders

The second offering from the factory takes care of the issue of anchor lines and wayward livies wrapping themselves around the new style rudder. Based on the design for ORS weed deflectors, these line deflectors are a handy  mod for Profisha, Fisha and Surf Fisha models. These nifty little fins have been designed to fit very closely to the under-stern rudder on these models and cause lines to flick over the end of the rudder to safety instead of wedging between the top edge of he rudder and hull of the boat. The fins themselves are made from a resin and glass fibre combo making them strong enough to last the distance but also providing some flex to help prevent them from shearing off.



They are supplied in a packet of 2 with  one specifically for the front and one for the back. Fitment is simply a case of attaching fins in position with an epoxy or a 3M marine adhesive.

Price $25


Tight lines and happy modding!

Sea Sherpa