Stealth Factory Update

The Stealth crew over in South Africa have been hard at it of late and have two great new product offerings to make life a little easier on the water.

Hinged Rear Hatch Cover

First cab off the rank is the new hinged hatch lid for improved access to the rear dry hatch. The new folding hatch lid is an 8 inch inspection hatch with a lid that can be opened and closed by folding on a hinge system.The front of the lid is closed by a small twist latch. This new lid design avoids the sticking of the screw  type lid on hot days and provides a great seal for the rear hatch.


This hatch lid can easily be added to any existing stealth kayak with only a small amount of work. Being an 8 inch lid, the size is slightly bigger than the older screw type. The original cut can easily be enlarged with a dremel to fit the upgrade lid. When fitting the lid, the latch can be offset to the right or left to make opening easier for right or left handed paddlers.

Price $79.99


 Line Protectors for Under-stern Rudders

The second offering from the factory takes care of the issue of anchor lines and wayward livies wrapping themselves around the new style rudder. Based on the design for ORS weed deflectors, these line deflectors are a handy  mod for Profisha, Fisha and Surf Fisha models. These nifty little fins have been designed to fit very closely to the under-stern rudder on these models and cause lines to flick over the end of the rudder to safety instead of wedging between the top edge of he rudder and hull of the boat. The fins themselves are made from a resin and glass fibre combo making them strong enough to last the distance but also providing some flex to help prevent them from shearing off.



They are supplied in a packet of 2 with  one specifically for the front and one for the back. Fitment is simply a case of attaching fins in position with an epoxy or a 3M marine adhesive.

Price $25


Tight lines and happy modding!

Sea Sherpa

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